Time for Oil and Gas to Demand SaaS

Time for Oil and Gas to Demand SaaS

Time for Oil and Gas industry to wipe off opacity of enterprise sales and demand the right to SaaS. Here is your Bill of Rights, settle for nothing less.

Never ending slide show on projector, colorful brochures strewn over crowded tables fighting for space amidst tepid coffee and half eaten pizza slices, yawning executives waiting to hop on to another meeting and over eager salespersons making passionate pitch to seal a deal… you get the picture. This is how enterprise sales works. And, this is why enterprise sales does not work anymore.

Every other industry – finance, healthcare, defense, automotive, retail and anything in between, has stepped out of meeting rooms and moved on to cloud for a truly SaaS experience. Why should Oil and Gas industry endure force selling of technology on rhetoric and lofty promises, staying locked with aged software? You deserve to buy technology on your own terms. It is time to demand your rightful due.

Right to Try Before Buy

Multiple calls by pushy salespersons. Innumerable demos and reams of unrelated use cases. You spend weeks and months on due diligence to ink the deal. And, after all this the solution you buy fails to take off. What works for others, may not work for you. You had no way to figure out whether the solution would work in your environment. You need not go through this dilemma. A true SaaS experience includes a free trial. And, it is easy to try with self-guided set up. Demand the product to prove its promise – insist on trying before buying.

Right to Transparency

Sales is all about making promises. Delivery is about living those promises. Often there are gaping holes between the two. A SaaS product has no duality. You get what you see, no secrets, no hidden costs. What you try is what you buy. And, any additional feature or add on is clearly explained. Support is at hand, when you ask. Wiping off the opacity of enterprise sales, SaaS delivers complete transparency.

Right to Self-Guided Technology

Technology is meant to simplify your day. Long winded migrations, complex custom integrations, high dependency on IT teams – these are things of the past. The world has moved on to self-service. Ease is essential. SaaS products deliver complex technologies wrapped in easy to use solutions. You need not have technology prowess to be an empowered user.

Right to Accelerated Value

Sow today reap in years is not the philosophy that drives technology innovation. The value of technology is in delivering upfront benefits. Buy your software, install it in few minutes and get going. Even at enterprise level, complete migration takes days, not months. A true SaaS experience comes with pre-mapped source to destination KPIs, a library of ready APIs and simple intuitive user interface (UI), empowering you to accelerate path to value.

Right to Decide Your Terms

Why should the technology provider dictate the terms of engagement? Why must you stay locked in with a product, with no option to opt out? For long, legacy systems have kept you tied. You had to put up with out of date technology for you had already made huge investments. Changing course was costly. SaaS model puts you in control. You are not locked in into a stifling contract. You choose your subscription, decide your payment mode and pay for what you use. This translates into savings of up to 50% on traditional on-premise solutions. Upfront savings and complete ownership, with SaaS you are in the driver’s seat.

Time for Oil and Gas to Bring the Backfoot Forward

Pandemic has made us wiser, uncertain times have reinforced the need to be cost efficient and smart. Decades old technology cannot take you far ahead. Your critical software must deliver upfront value. Long waiting period for benefits to accrue, keeps your business plans on hold. Oilfields have to withstand market dynamics and continue to produce efficiently. An able technology partner will walk you towards a fully integrated SaaS experience, making you spend less, earn more and gain control. It is time you take your oilfields to cloud and let the oil flow.