Rescripting Oilfield Operations with Buy-As-You-Go Advantage

BAYG Advantage

How does Buy-As-You-Go advantage translate to measurable gains for operators? Upfront value, transparency, automation and intuitive support define the ROI in production operation software.

Innovation in technology is often equated to keeping pace with customer expectations. The vision, the imagination, or the drive is to innovate on product attributes, bringing out newer, more sophisticated versions to wow the customer and enhance the experience. Given that, what would you call challenging the customers to seek far beyond their expectations?

For us, at Seven Lakes Technologies, innovation has a far higher purpose. We believe in challenging the status quo, stirring the oilfields to demand more, and giving them a taste of what looks more like. Accelerating a year of production planning to upfront value in 14 days is innovation. Bringing SaaS speed and Buy-As-You-Go (BAYG) model replacing years of lock-in with uncertain outcomes, you would agree, is true innovation. JOYN Oil & Gas Production is innovative, proven, and delivered.

So, what does Buy-As-You-Go (BAYG) advantage bring to the oilfields? I would classify it in the following four streams:

  • Demonstrate measurable value, upfront
  • Create complete transparency in pricing and onboarding
  • Empower the customer with automation and self-serve modules
  • Accelerate issue resolution with ownership of their data challenges

Let us understand these pillars a bit more.

Upfront Value is a Promise Delivered

Production planning in the upstream oil and gas sector is key to cash flow and revenue. And traditionally it takes almost a year to get started on mission-critical production operation software. The norm is now challenged. JOYN makes the promise and delivers on it by demonstrating measurable value within 14 days and delivering on it upfront. Key stakeholders are no more sitting through presentations and paper promises. They have proof with a free trial on their own routes, wells, and production data within a few weeks. What is more, once they move through the trial, they migrate their entire data in 28 days or less. No more risks and blind bets. No more lock-ins or a long wait for results on the ground. Rejuvenate cash flow, save on fixed costs, and make things happen with By-As-You-Go (BAYG).

Commitment to Transparency

Pay as per use. Pay as per oil produced and the number of wells. Calculate your monthly and annual costs right away. We have taken the opacity away from pricing discussions. No hard bargains, no hidden costs. It takes confidence in the strength of our technology to change the rules of the game. Our customers are our compass. We hear them, we cater to the boots on the ground and hands in the operations. We know a penny saved is a gallon earned in oilfields. Paying for non-producing wells is just not feasible. We believe in growing with our customers, both in terms of value and revenue. Yes, we have completely altered the discourse with your trust and support.

Automation is Freedom from Mundane

Accelerating adoption and creating enthusiasm for new technology is not easy. Today, we are used to instant gratification and the freedom to choose our own path. SaaS products cannot be limited in customer experience. The whole experience is enhanced with the freedom to explore and get what you need, intuitively. Automation is key to optimizing time spent on routine tasks. JOYN Oil and Gas Production codifies the traditional knowledge in pre-built KPIs. Complex integrations are simplified with ready APIs. Processes are automated with AI and access to information is universal with the power of the cloud. This is what the SaaS revolution looks like.

Empowering Customer Goes Beyond Closing Tickets

A glaring gap left far and wide by legacy systems is their approach to customer support. Tickets are raised but the resolution is hardly beyond a standard reboot, that too in its own sweet time. When you pick the technology that empowers, you get all you need on a platter along with white-glove support that really understands your issues. Data structures are complex. And, most often customer teams get caught in managing multiple streams of data at a voracious speed. Our customer success teams are well-versed advanced technology professionals who take ownership of your data challenges. It is no more about fixing a bug here and there. With BAYG, you also gain the confidence of issue resolution that is far more mature and empowering.

I would be keen to hear from you and know your perspective on the SaaS revolution sweeping across the upstream oil and gas sector in the United States. Contact us here if you want to learn more and talk to one of our Sales Representatives.