Fully Integrated SaaS Field Data Capture for Today’s Field Operator

Fully-integrated SaaS Field Data Capture

What does today’s Lease Operator absolutely need? A fast, reliable, and user-friendly mobile Field Data Gathering tool, that reduces data entry time and helps them get to the distressed wells faster.

JOYN Oil & Gas Production solution does exactly that and more.

At JOYN Oil & Gas Production, we focus on field efficiency to ensure that organizations of all sizes are able to deliver on their goals. We achieve this by providing lease operators and field technicians a fully integrated Field Data Gathering solution that ensures the best use of their time while transmitting vital information back to your organization.

JOYN has developed the industry’s most advanced oil and gas production software, giving you a total package of fully digitized features that no one else in the industry can match. Only JOYN provides real-time trend intelligence on equipment and routes, consolidated and streamlined into a single, mobile-friendly tool.

Reduce Field Time by Twenty-Five Percent

By digitizing critical daily actions performed by lease operators such as trip planning and data entry, JOYN reduces a typical workday by up to twenty-five percent. What used to be an 8-hour route becomes a 6-hour job, freeing up valuable time for the lease operators and field technicians. Our existing customers have used these reallocated hours to capture more operationally critical data, and for other high-value activities. For example

Preventative maintenance data like compressor maintenance & plunger inspections

Bolster their environmental and compliance reports such as AVO Reports, Tank Inspections, MIA report, SPCC, WV Well Inspections Reports, etc.

Fast and Accurate Digitized Data Entry Using Your Smartphone

JOYN Oil & Gas Production’s mobile app allows oilfield operators to only require a smartphone or tablet during their field visits. That means no Grease Sheets or trying to find hotspots while out in the field. You can leave your laptop back at the office. Instead of manually filling out excel sheets, you can now upload tickets directly from your phone for instant analysis. The analytics you get from data entered delivers trends intelligence on equipment and routes valuable for making timely field decisions.

JOYN is not only a lot faster than legacy technology – it also ensures accuracy. Data validation for each item entered significantly reduces key entry errors or “fat fingering” of incorrect data. With the ease of field data entry using JOYN’s mobile app, everyone on your team has access to accurate real-time information to keep all your wells streamlined and optimized for production.

Optimized Trip Planning – Do More With Less

JOYN automatically manages scheduling and prioritization for your field operators. It delivers a daily site visit plan to any phone, tablet, or mobile device based on operational priorities. The Daily Site Plan maps out the field visit route with site names, alerts and alert types. This guarantees that high-priority sites will receive the attention they deserve. With operational priorities updated and delivered directly to the lease operator’s mobile device, we eliminate the risk of oversights or missed signals.

One of the key benefits of our app is that the actual layout of the site is entirely configurable. As an Operator is walking through their battery, they can configure JOYN to match the order of the assets at the site. This alone can significantly increase efficiency and accuracy and ensure no important steps are skipped.

We optimize scheduling to save time, reaping valuable rewards for your drivers and your organization. A typical well site with 50 Lease Operators can save over 29,000 operator hours per year with JOYN!

It’s not surprising that the up-to-date and user-friendly information you get with JOYN has been designated a “total game-changer” by industry professionals.

Get the Alerts You Need When You Need Them

With JOYN oil and gas production software, you always have the information you need to keep operations running smoothly. Readings that fall outside of acceptable levels automatically trigger alerts.

We give you ample notice regarding priority maintenance issues and you can set alarms for down wells and high tank levels. Relevant/additional alerts can be easily configured based on SCADA data or other inputs. You can also adjust your calendar to get a reminder about scheduled inspections to make sure an operator will be on site.

Let JOYN Do the Heavy Lifting

In today’s economy, you need every advantage to stay competitive. That’s why it’s crucial to have the right tools to keep oilfield operations lean and profitable. When you factor in all the variables, nobody supports your mobile workforce the way JOYN does.

Legacy technologies cannot compete with JOYN. We provide everything you need to prosper right in the palm of your hand. JOYN offers real SaaS solutions to save you time and money. The Future is Here. The Future is Now. The Future is JOYN Oil & Gas Production.