First Hand Experience of Oilfield Innovation: Notes from JOYN Oil & Gas Production Free Trial

First hand experience of Oilfield innovation

Journey from obsolete production software to SaaS solution, Philip Knight, Principal at Novo, shares his experience and insights on digitizing oilfields.

If there was one thing that people learnt during the pandemic, it was learning to do more with less. Like whipping up a whole meal with minimal ingredients or finding new ways of working optimally with mobile usability, a remote workforce and cloud environment. This past year the pandemic has caused disruption within the oil and gas industry in many ways bringing sharp focus towards increasing cashflow. Increasing cash flow can only happen when we solve the production and allocation inefficiencies with continuous innovations in our systems.

Distributed Legacy Systems to Comprehensive Integrated Solution

Our guest at Evolve Digital, Phil Knight, Principal at Novo shared with us the challenges faced by oilfields in streamlining production operation for lack of innovation from their technology vendors. He had the opportunity to do a detailed walkthrough of JOYN Oil & Gas Production and could contrast the ease, efficiency and cost saving that it provides on a self-service SaaS platform.

“Operations teams are ready to try new things, go through the innovation and analysis loop without spending an arm and a leg on complex IT systems that take a long time to implement”, Phil says. “Operators need to collect higher quality data sets out in the field, bring it quickly back to subsurface teams for better decisions and push the analytics to boots on the ground to reduce downtime.” The industry however, is stuck with decades old systems and software that is cracking under its own weight. “The production software in the market today are the ones built in early 2000s with old technology. They demand significant capital investment in terms of licensing, implementation and maintenance fees, but are not intuitive and difficult to adopt”, he said.

In contrast, JOYN Oil & Gas Production challenges the end of life legacy systems with a comprehensive solution. “One thing that makes JOYN stand out among others is the fact that it’s one product for everything. Field data capture is directly linked to admin console and production allocations, all the way to your analytics and reporting. There’s no gap in between. There is no wait time. There is no integration process. It is all just one seamless product. And, I don’t think we’ve really seen that in the marketplace from other vendors,” said Phil.

Security, Scalability and Real-time Decisions on Cloud

In the past decades as software vendors were caught napping at the wheels, the burden of innovation was on the operators. There was a time, not very long ago, when data was collected out in the oil fields, with hard hats on and inclement weather to combat. Going out into the field and training users and data collection was very difficult and there was no real time analytics available. There was a lot of noise that needed to be filtered out for prompt decision making. “If you look at the velocity the speed at which the decisions need to be made, Producers require a cloud-based platform that can scale up or down and is able to process allocations in real time”, Phil insisted. While ease of access to data is essential, data security in the entire life-cycle cannot be compromised. JOYN is built on a secure cloud platform allowing specific teams to access real-time production data without any compromise. In the past Production Accounting and Regulatory Compliance teams have missed out on the technology innovations. Now, they too get their due and benefit from anytime, anywhere access to analytics and reporting.

Complex Algorithms and Intuitive Design Combine for Easy Adoption

One of the major challenges in technology adoption is long learning curve and cumbersome interfaces. Among the many advantages of JOYN, Phil shared his excitement for its intuitive user experience. “Configuration of roles is very intuitive. It is very easy to use and interact with the application in a mobile-friendly environment”.  He further adds, “the production allocation network visualization is very helpful. You can see the production data flowing through the networks and the platform is very extensible”. All the ease that the users get on their fingertips is fuelled by a robust mathematical engine underneath the hood that allows them to extend their calculations to different scenarios.

Rolling out a new software often means extended training period and hand holding for different teams. An intuitive self-guided user interface literally spoon feeds information to users, leading them to a seamless experience.

SaaS Advantage to Try Before Buy with No Upfront Cost

Phil debunked the misconceptions about cost of onboarding on JOYN Oil & Gas Production free trial. As someone trying out the features for two weeks, Phil was quick to point that “there is absolutely no upfront cost and the trial is absolutely free. It is a live production environment, you can go ahead and use pre-loaded data or upload your own. You can play with different types of networks and production allocations, verify your results in analytics operations reporting or even in regulatory reporting.” The SaaS advantage is a step up from the laborious enterprise software purchase cycle that leaves more questions than answers. The producers can check the feasibility of the solution in their own environment before making a buying decision.

JOYN Oil & Gas Production is the innovation oilfield has been asking for. And, if you want to be part of this digital revolution, just as Phil did, sign up and try out the most comprehensive SaaS solution for your production operation.