Accelerated Path to Value with SaaS in Oil & Gas – the Making of a Hero’s Journey

Accelerated Path to Value with SaaS in Oil & Gas

When you save cost and increase cash flow you become a hero in the oilfield. Follow the journey of a hero and know the levers that accelerate path to value

What do you call a person who saves enormous sums of money and accelerates the success journey of an organization?

A hero!

Andy is a hero at his company, ever since he discovered the power of SaaS with JOYN Oil & Gas Production.

This is his story…

Once, there was a legacy production software.

A month ago, Andy was a worried man. The cost of maintaining his legacy production software was consuming his budget. He had spent the past six months evaluating different production software vendors that did not convince him of their value in streamlining day to day operations. The software was developed in the early 2000s, and while the technology evolved, the same could not be said for the product itself. To top it all, he was staring at over 2 –3 months of migration and integration challenges, if he did decide to go with the legacy system. Legacy vendors normally charge an annual cost of around $250,000 and one-time migration cost of $200,000 or more. This did not seem like a wise investment.

In short, it was far too costly and way too long of a wait for things to move. It was certainly not an easy time for Andy.

Then came the twist in the tale…

Andy knew it was time to find something faster, newer, and more efficient. He came across a truly integrated JOYN Oil & Gas Production SaaS Solution. At first, he was skeptical. A comprehensive SaaS solution sounded too good to be true. The only way to know was to try it out. Unlike industry norm JOYN Oil & Gas Production provided a 14-day free trial. So, he went and signed up for the free trial at . And, here is what happened next.

He received a step-by-step guide on setting up the free trial. The white glove support was at hand, but he did not need much help given the intuitive interface and detailed guide he had received.

He set up his account online in minutes, invited his stakeholders via email, and was all set. In the first week of the trial itself, he set up a sandbox, loaded his company’s data, created routes, gathered field data on the app, and ran near real-time production allocation. He was able to check the accuracy of his results with built-in analytics along with regulatory reports and granular field level insights. Field data gathering, allocations, analytics – all he needed to run production operations were in one place and running like a dream with no integration woes.

What would otherwise have taken months or even a year was done in days. 14 days to be exact!

The hero found his path…

By the time he concluded the 14 days of his free trial, he had a winner at hand. Here was a solution empathizing with his needs and understanding oilfield challenges like none other. The modern SaaS solution was available on a click with upfront pricing and complete transparency on value it brings to the table. A back-of-the-envelope calculation showed a saving of up to 50% on annual cost that meant millions of dollars feeding his cashflow. .

What more, he saw his peers narrating their first-hand experiences that validated his journey. His path to value was accelerated – from three-quarters of a year to just 14 days!

Later in the weeks that followed, Andy made JOYN Oil & Gas Production the home for all his routes to completely cut the cord with the past and increase his savings! Now he was in the driver’s seat, a hero in the true sense.

This could be your story. Choose to be a hero in your company by going the SaaS way, and let the good times begin. Sign up for a free trial and kickstart your hero journey.