Field Data Gathering

Ability to Duplicate the Record Set and Fix Date Format & Add Icon for Tank Strapping

Production Accountants have expressed a need for an easy way to create tank strapping sets with new effective dates. We understood their requirement and developed a capability allowing PAs to easily create tank strapping sets by copying an existing strapping set and making modifications. This feature significantly reduces the time and effort required for manually creating new tank strapping sets.

Ability to Show Complete Details When Hovering Over Truncated Text for Picklist

Production Accountants frequently need to view complete names of picklist option names, which are often truncated in grids. We understood this requirement and developed a capability that displays complete information when the user hovers over any partially displayed text in the picklist grids. This feature reduces the need for clicking and enables easier access to the required information, thereby reducing fatigue.

Ability see the text when hovered


Ability to Align Nodes in Canvas Mode

Production Accountants have expressed a need for an easy way to align objects on the canvas. We understood their requirements and developed a capability that allows PAs to quickly align multiple objects vertically, horizontally, and in other ways. These features make it easier for PAs to manage large networks in a systematic way that is easy to read and understand.

Ability to Add XID for Users Invited to JOYN via Bulk Upload or Email

IT admins have expressed a need to add XIDs for multiple users at once while adding them to Joyn O&G. We listened to their needs and added the capability to assign unique XIDs to users when they are invited/added to Joyn O&G from the admin, as well as through bulk upload/invite. This makes it easier for the IT admins to assign unique identifiers for the users in Joyn O&G, which are used as key-values while setting up integration with client systems.