Field Data Gathering

Ability to Personalize Assets Grids for Each User

Production Accountants wanted the ability to rearrange column orders and hide certain columns in the assets grids. We understood their pain point and developed the capability to allow PAs to reorder and hide columns, as well as load pre-sorted grids based on the sort order of a specific column. These settings are automatically saved, allowing PAs to personalize their grids and save time on reorganizing information in asset grids, ultimately reducing clicks.

Ability to Show Complete Details When Hovering Over Truncated Text

Production Accountants have expressed a need to view complete texts that are often truncated in the grids. We understood this requirement and developed the capability to display complete texts/information when the user hovers over any partially displayed text in the grids. This feature reduces the need for clicking and enables easier access to the required information, thereby reducing fatigue.

Ability see the text when hovered


Ability to Use Stop Name as a Filter While Search for Child-tanks to Associate With Master Tank

Production Accountants have expressed a need for an easy way to associate child tanks to a master tank. We understood their requirements and developed the capability where PAs can quickly add child tanks to the master tank using the right-click function in canvas mode. Additionally, PAs can search for child tanks by stop name and view associated child tanks in view mode using the right-click function. These features make it easier for PAs to manage master tanks, significantly reducing complexity.

Network Audit Report Now Captures Changes to FIFO Priority and Master-child Tank Association

Production Accountants have expressed a need for an easy way to audit FIFO priority information and master-child tank associations. We listened to their needs and added the capability to download changes in FIFO priority and master-child tank associations, along with changes in connections, allocation configuration, and daily and monthly volume sources. These features enable PAs to identify changes made to an allocation network, who made those changes, and when the changes were made, significantly reducing the time required for debugging and analysis.


Ability to Create and Use Hierarchy With Attributes That Have Multiple Parent Attribute Values

Analytics admin users have requested the capability to create a hierarchy where lower-level attribute values are present in multiple higher-level attribute values (e.g., Level 3 values existing in multiple values of Level 2). Earlier, analytics hierarchy filters did not consider the multiple parent scenario, resulting in irrelevant data being included in the report canvas. We listened to the user request and provided an enabling option for “Many to Many” in the hierarchy. This option considers parent level details along with the respective selection from the hierarchy, enabling users to view data filtered for values from the correct parent levels.

Ability to create and use hierarchy with attributes that have multiple parent attribute values