Field Data Gathering

Search and Sort persists in Attributes-grid for Readings and Options-grid for Picklists

Production Accountants have expressed the need to make it easy to sort attribute grids in readings config and options grid in picklists. We listened to their requirement and have introduced the capability in Joyn O&G to persist any column sorts and search filters when the user is interacting with the above grids. This would make configuring readings and picklists faster and easier for the PAs.

Ability to View Deleted Results on Readings Management

Production Accountants have expressed the need to see deleted readings on the readings management. We understood their requirement and developed the capability in JOYN O&G to be able to view all the deleted readings for the selected date range. This would help PAs perform Root Cause Analysis much more easily without the need to go through complex audit reports to do the same.

Date Selection in Readings Management is Now Saved and Persisted

Production Accountants have expressed the need to keep the sate selection the same in readings management. We listened to their concern and now have the capability in Joyn O&G, where the last selected date range is automatically saved and reused the next time the PAs view readings management. This would reduce the effort put in and time spent in accomplishing the outcomes PAs seek while using Joyn O&G.


Capability to Download Individual Network Information

PAs wanted a capability to easily download the network information at an individual network level. We understood their requirements and created the option to download the network level information which includes the details of connections, allocation config, volume sources (daily and monthly), formula meter details, FIFO priority details and master-child tank association . This reduces the effort needed in gathering information related to a network across network versions making it available with a single download.

Ability to Download FIFO Priority Config for a Network-Version, Network and all Networks

Production Accountants have wanted an easy way to export the FIFO priority information. We listened to their need and added the capability to download the FIFO priority details along with the details of connections, allocation config, volume sources (daily and monthly), formula meter details and master-child tank association. This allows the PAs to easily export the data of interest and analyze the same or share it with their team members, significantly reducing the time in debug and analysis.


Ability to Chare Reports Folder with Individual Users and User Groups

Analytics admin users were always asking for a capability to share a folder that contains many dashboards / reports / searches. Earlier users had to share each dashboard to other users/user groups. We listened to our customers and provided the capability to share the complete folder to individual users or a user group. This will help users to easily share many dashboards to multiple users at a time.

Share option is available on the List View for the owner of the folder