Field Data Gathering

Ability to View Asset Details from Readings Management

The PAs have often seen the need to quickly view the asset/object details while viewing the readings. We understood their requirement and built the capability in Joyn O&G to view the asset details in a single click, without having to navigate to asset list, search for the object and viewing its details. By using this the PAs will be able to access the information the wish to, with fewer clicks and in much quickly than earlier.

Ability to Sequence the Stop Totals

Operations Admins wish to configure the order in which pumpers would view the stop totals on their pumper App. We listened to this requirement and developed the capability in Joyn O&G, using which the operations admins can easily configure the sequence in which Stop totals shows up in the pumper App. This will provide the configurability sought by the operations team, which eventually reduces the fatigue and effort for the pumper during data capture.


Ability to Bulk Upload Volume Sources Configuration for Monthly Allocations

PAs wanted a capability to easily configure volume sources for allocation networks when daily and custom-monthly allocations are configured for the networks. We understood their requirements and developed the capability, using which the PAs can configure disposition volume sources for many networks at once for both daily and monthly allocations. This reduces the effort needed in configuring allocations for networks and reduces the time taken significantly.

Ability to Download Volume Sources for Monthly Allocations in Network Version Download

Production Accountants have wanted an easy way to export the disposition volume source information for both daily and custom monthly allocations. We listened to their need and added the capability to download monthly allocations volume source, if configured independently, in addition to the daily allocations volume sources across one or more networks at once. This allows the PAs to easily export the data of interest and analyze the same or share it with their team members, significantly reducing the time in debug and analysis.