Audit Report Export in Analytics

Production Admins needed an audit history of a reading which helps them easily perform RCA for any issues faced.. We understood this requirement and developed the capability in Analytics module, where the user can download an Audit Report ( in Reports tab in Analytics) for readings of an object belonging to one or more dates. This capability allows the user to quickly go through the changes the reading has gone through as well as who made those changes and when they were made.

Field Data Gathering

View or Edit All Assets Belonging to a Route or Stop

Production Admins have often mentioned their need to quickly view and edit all assets of a stop or a route on a single screen to configure the assets. We build the capability in JOYN O&G using which a user can easily view all wells, tanks, meters or equipment belongs to a single stop or route in single . This would significantly reduce the effort to be put in by a Production Admins to identify the relevant assets of a stop/route and navigate to the same.

All Objects Tab with Stop and Route Filters


Download Audit report for a Network’s daily allocation result

Production Accountants have wanted an ability to view an audit trail of the daily allocation runs for a network. We understood their requirements and developed the audit report capability for the daily allocations of a network, using which the PA can view the changes to the allocated volumes and the date-time at which these changes happened. This helps the PAs easily identify when and how the allocated volumes changed for an allocation network helping with debug, if needed.

Delete the allocation results, if the network was changed for the date range

Production Accountants have mentioned the pain associated with deleting/clearing results when they change networks for the past dates. We listened to this concern of theirs and build the capability to delete the existing allocation results, when the network is edited for the date-range for which the volumes were already allocated. This significantly reduced the effort needed to cleanup allocated volumes saving significant time for the Production Accountants.

Persist products selected in the prior Adhoc allocation run

Productions Accountants have communicated the need to avoid selecting the same selection of products, whenever they run Adhoc Daily Allocations. We analyzed this need and developed the capability to persist the last selected product list for the Adhoc daily allocation. This would reduce the need to click and select the products everytime saving time and reducing click fatigue for the PAs.

Product Selection is persisted

Common Services

Define custom roles to control access to Admin UI

IT Admins wanted to better control view-only or modify access to their users for the Admin Capabilities of JOYN O&G. We listened to their requirement and developed the capability to define access level, Read only or Edit, for each of the sub-module in the Admin-UI and save them as an access config for a custom role the admin can define. This would allow the IT Admins to define customized role and assign the same to users, giving them the ability to fine tune access privileges of their users.

Assign the system and custom roles defined in JOYN O&G to users

IT Admins wanted a capability where their users can easily be provided access through roles without the need to configuring access to users one at a time. We developed the capability which allows the IT Admin to assign one or more system or custom roles to a user in the user configuration UI, which would be converted to a final access level for each module/sub-module in the Admin-UI. . This allows the IT Admins to quickly configure user’s access to the Admin-UI, saving time and making it easy manage.