Field Data Gathering

View and Edit Reading Views Easily

Production Admins have mentioned the need to easily get to the details of Readings views and their Attributes to view or edit them. We reviewed this capability in Joyn O&G and revamped the UI, which now allows the PAs to quickly view and make edits to Reading-views and their attributes, significantly reducing the clicks and navigating back and forth, while getting their task done. This saves time and reduces the effort put in PAs in creating and maintaining Reading configurations in Joyn O&G.

Pump by Exception

MyDay and History View of Alert List

Operations team expressed the need to be able to view the list of alerts which are active and currently seen by the pumper in their Field App. We understood their requirements and incorporated the changes in the Alert History grid to show MyDay (today) view as default, which shows the same list of alerts a pumper would see in their Mobile App( Pumper App). With this information the Foreman or Operations Manager would be able to better manage priorities for the pumpers.


Ability to download the audit history across multiple network versions of the network together

Production Accountants have wanted an ability to view the changes made to an Allocation Network since creation to the latest edit. We understood their requirements and developed the audit capability for allocation networks. using which a PA can download the audit report of changes made to an Allocation Network across all the network versions of it. This helps the PAs easily identify what changes were made to an allocation network, who made those changes and when the changes were made.

Support for showing exception for down wells with allocated volumes

Production Accountants needed an easily way to know if there are non-zero volumes allocated to wells, which have 24 hours downtime reported on them. We took note of their requirements and incorporated this capability in Exceptions Dashboard for Allocations, where wells which are either marked shut-in or which have 24 hours downtime recorded on them would be listed if there was any non-zero volume allocated to them. This helps the PAs easily spot such exceptions and take necessary steps to resolve these scenarios, saving the PAs significant time and reduced effort in managing production allocations for their assets.