Ability to configure/show reading attributes in charts and grids on mobile app.

Production admins wanted an ability to show different reading attributes in charts and grids for the LOs on the Field Mobile Apps. We have provided them the capability to configure which attributes show up in grids and which show up in charts, along with configuring the line colors. This would make it easier for the LO to visualize and take not of the change in trends in readings such as casing pressure, production volumes .etc reducing the time and effort needed to observe historic data and take necessary actions.

Attribute grouping for Assets

Production accountants wanted an easy way of view asset attributes by which state regulatory reports they belong to. We have developed the capability where the user can add new attributes for the assets along with a capability to add a description of the reports they belong to and group them by their end use, such as state reports , location info ..etc. This makes it easy for the production admin to search for and take action on the attributes of interest.

View Allocations Locked Status

Production accountants wanted it to be easy to know if an allocation network has been closed/locked for allocations as part of the monthly close process. We have made the network allocations lock status visible for the production accountant on the network canvas. This helps the production accountant to know the latest month upto which the allocations for a specific product have been closed for a specific network.

Missing Well-test checks for wells in a network

Production accountants need an ability to know if wells added to an allocation network have valid well tests added for them. We developed a capability where the production accountant would be alerted of missing well tests for wells which are added to an allocation network when the network is being saved. This helps production accountant avoid a situation of zero volumes being allocated to newly added wells due to missing well tests on such wells.

Allocations support for Event based Downtime.

Production accountants need an ability to configure an allocation network to use downtime events while allocating by well-test method. We developed a capability where the production accountant can configure the allocation config in such a way that it uses flowing and downtime events on the wells to calculate daily downtime hours and use that for allocating volumes on the network. This avoid the need for explicitly capturing daily downtime at each well on the field to make them available for production allocations.

Create and Edit Assets from Allocation Network Canvas

Production accountants need an ability to be able to edit asset attributes or create new assets to the system while building or modifying allocation network. We provided the capability to create all asset types such as wells, meters, tanks etc without the need to navigate out of the allocation canvas .This allows the production accountant save time when they try to create/edit the assets while creating/editing the allocation networks, eliminating the need to navigate to a different module in JOYN Oil & Gas Production.