Field Data Gathering

View Allocation Networks an Asset is part of

Production Accountants have often mentioned their need to be able to quickly know the details of an allocation network an asset is part of. We build the capability in JOYN O&G using which a user can easily view which allocation network a well, tank, meter or equipment belongs to. This would significantly reduce the effort to be put in by a Production Accountant to identify the relevant Allocation network and navigate to the same.

Ability to save Geofence information for a Stop

Production Admins wanted a capability to save geofence coordinates along with Stop details. We listened to this need and developed the capability for users in JOYN Oil and Gas Production, to save radial or polygon geofence information for Stops which can subsequently be used to deliver location based pump by exception solution to the field. This avoids the need to save geofence data in separate place and manage that independent of Stop information increasing time and effort needed to manage location data.

Configure picklist type Asset Attribute to be Effective Dated

Production Admins wanted a capability to effective date any EAV attributes they add to an Asset Master Data. We developed the capability to create a new picklist EAV attribute and also enabled effective date capability for the same, which allows the PAs to not only add new master data to the assets but also effective date and track the historical values of the master data attributes. This saves any additional effort the PAs need to put in to manage this historic information of asset master data, when the attributes are not effective dated.

Ability to scan a Run Ticket and auto populate data on a Reading

Production Admins wanted a capability to easily extract data from a Run ticket and populate the ticket reading. We listened to this need of the Production Admins and developed the capability to scan run ticket images, extract the ticket data from the scanned image and populate the extracted/cleaned data into the Run ticket readings. This significantly reduces the human error in entering the data from Run ticket and saves significant time for the LOs with their data entry work.

Mobile App user logs are now accessible from the Admin

Production Admins wanted an easy way to look at their LO’s Mobile App log. We responded to their need and developed a capability which allows the Super Admin or IT Admin user to access the user logs from the JOYN O&G Admin application. This also allows the admin users to quickly access the user logs and remediate data entry problems on the field without the need for any technical support.

Edit Restriction on a reading to ensure Field does not edit older data

Production Accountants have expressed their concern around LOs in the field being able to readings data which is more than 14 days old. We understood their concern and developed the capability by which user the production accountant can limit the number of days from the reading date, up to which the LO on the field can edit a reading from the OneApp. This ensures readings of the accounting-closed month are not possible to be edited by the LO on the field.

Setup Edit Restriction for a Reading View on OneApp

A new FDG user role for with view access to Operational data

Production Admins at one of the oil major wanted to restrict the Field Operations Coordinators to only being able to assign and de-assign routes to the pumpers. We listened to their requirements and created a unique user role, where a user with OTC-only user-role assigned to them would be able to view but not edit all the operational data needed for data gathering but allow the user to edit the routes assigned to the pumpers. This ensures the Production Accountants feel assured that operations team using JOYN O&G admin do not change any data of importance, even by mistake.

Read-Only user for the JOYN O&G OneApp

Operations Managers needed a way to use the OneApp without risking syncing any transaction data in testing mode. We addressed this requirement and developed the capability to restrict a user’s access in JOYN O&G OneApp to only viewing data, but data entry done on the app by this user cannot be synced. This allows any user to log into production environment and test changes to readings configuration without the risk of creating any unwanted data and eliminate the hassle of cleaning up data.

Configure the user to be read only on mobile app

LowData Mode which allows the LO to manually push logs when not on metered-networks

IT managers at a big major were concerned about increased costs due to mobile data usage for log data. We recognized their concern and developed a capability which allows the LOs to manually push the logs data when they are connected to non-metered networks, thereby reducing the data costs to minimum, yet retaining the ability to log LO activity while using the OneApp.

Push Notifications when changes are made to Configuration (MetaData)

Operation Admins often make changes to configurations and needed a way to easily let the LOs know about the same. We understood the pain point and developed the capability to send notifications to the mobile when any changes are made the configurations such as picklists, route details and reading views. These notifications help the LO with updating these configurations reducing the time and effort needed for the operations team to communicate the same to the LOs, otherwise.

View Distance to a stop in KMs or Miles

LOs belonging to a Canadian Operator wanted a way to view distance to a stop in KMs instead of Miles. We understood the requirements and developed the capability to view the distance to the stops from the current LO locations in KMs and easily accessible on the OneApp. This allows the LOs to see a more relevant metric to know the time to arrive on the stop location and plan accordingly.