Date Effective for Core Attributes of Assets

Production accountants wanted the capability to change master data attributes, yet keep track of those changes and view them by the date-effective. We developed the capability to save the master data core-attributes for assets by effective dates and allow user to use these attributes for the dates they were effective on. This gives the users the flexibility of changing the attribute values and also the ability to track and view/use those changes for by their effective date ranges for allocations and reporting.

Disposition Point Based Allocations

Production accountants wanted volumes to be allocated not only by product and disposition but also by points of dispositions. We developed the capability to allow the production accountants to chose the dispositions for which they would like to automatically generate the allocated volume results drilled down to the granularity of disposition point. This generates all the results to create various regulatory reports, which needs allocated volumes by disposition points, in addition to providing the insights to the production accountants about where the volumes from the wells were disposed daily.

Inventory Allocations for Water

Production accountants want to allocate water in such a way that they could keep track of well level water inventory in a network. We developed the capability to allocate water as an inventory product similar to oil. This allows the production accountant to not only allocated water production and disposal but also generate beginning and ending inventory volumes for water at different inventory holding points in a network, similar to what they allocate and report for oil.

Allocation config refresh and clear filters

Production accountants want an easier path to update volume sources for dispositions in a network. We build the capability to retain the already configured volume sources for a disposition and allow the user to add new volume sources if and when they are added to the network. This help the Production Accountants reduce the time and effort it takes to add new disposition volume sources for a allocation network as well as enable a new disposition allocation on a network without disturbing the existing disposition volume sources.

Configurable UOMs for Oil/water/Gas at Tenant Level.

Production Accountants sometimes need to setup the Unit of Measures (UOMs) for products in Metric units instead of the Imperial units. We developed the capability where the UOMs could be changed for Joyn O&G Production software and this can be defined for each product being allocated i.e Oil, Water, Gas. This allows the production accountant to use their own UOMs instead of being stuck to one commonly used UOMs, such as Imperial system, and all the allocated volumes would be generated with the configured UOMs.

North Dakota Form 8 Report

Production Accountants need an automated of generating Form 8 purchaser authorization report for North Dakota regulatory compliance. We developed the capability to automatically generate the North Dakota Form 8 report. This would reduce the time and effort taken to generate this report for the production accountant, for all the purchasers and transporters on their assets, eliminating the need to do this manually.