Load large amounts of Master data and Transaction data

Production accountants want an easy way to add objects and load the readings for them through the product user-interface. We created the capability for the user to load master and transaction data using simple upload templates with as many as 50k records. This alleviates the pain of accessing and loading data from the backend, significantly reducing the time to setup routes and allocation networks and going live.

Associate Reading Views to Multiple Object Subtypes

Production accountants wanted an easy way to associate a reading view to multiple object subtypes. We developed the capability for the user to directly assign a reading view to multiple object subtypes. This allows the user to use a single reading view across multiple object subtypes with a one to many association instead of multiple one-to-one associations. This significantly reduces the setup time for reading views and team views, thereby reducing the setup and time taken to go-live.

Supporting configurable reading-date options for Allocation attributes

Production accountants wanted a way to configure the allocation factors to be picked up from a date different to the allocation date. We developed the capability for the user to configure the reading date of the reading attribute as Last Available, Previous Date, Next Date and Current Date (default). This allows the user to select a reading belonging to an appropriate reading-date to be used for production allocations.

Well-test validations using a picklist attribute

Productions Accountants often wish to validate the well tests before using them for production allocations. We developed the capability to use a picklist attribute on the well-test to determine if the corresponding well test is good enough to be used for allocations. Using this capability Production Accountants can configure the allocation engine to run validations on the well-test and only use those which pass the validations. This significantly reduces the pain of cleaning up and maintaining well test data, which could subsequently be used for allocations.

Beginning and Ending Inventory disposition results

Productions Accountants wanted to know visually know how the inventory at well is distributed across the tanks in the network. We have developed the capability to produce allocation results for both beginning and ending inventory dispositions allowing the user to not only download the results in a grid but also visually see the end of day inventory on the allocation canvas. This makes it easier for the PAs to debug any inventory related problems while running daily and monthly allocations.

MTD and YTD functions are available now to create MTD / YTD calculated measures

Analytics users needed to know aggregated volumes to date for different dispositions such as sales ,production, injections etc. We developed the capability for the user to create a month-to-date ( MTD) and Year-to-Date( YTD) measure. Lease Operators can now easily create the aggregate measures and generate the reports to monitor and communicate the monthly and yearly performance of the assets they manage.