Production Allocations

View both energy and volume allocated results on canvas

Production Accountants needed a capability to not only view allocated volumes but also allocated energies on the canvas. We listened to this requirement of theirs and built the capability to show allocated energy on the network canvas, which makes it easier to visualize how the energy allocation happened for a specific network for the desired allocation date. This helps the Production Accountant visualize and debug any errors in energy allocations a lot easier.

Configure formulas for energy and volume results on the formula meters

Production Accountants needed a capability to configure formulas in Formula Meters to generate energy results which could eventually be used for allocations. We developed the capability where, a formula meter would have an independent formula with its own variables for energy computation. This helps the PAs handle all the possible scenarios of energy allocations as is possible with volume allocations.

Save and Persist column order in Reconciliation Module

Production Accountants needed a capability to reorder columns in the reconciliation screen. We listened to their needs and developed the capability where a Production Accountant can reorder reconciliation screen columns and this new order will be saved for the user till the user chooses to change the order. This helps the PAs customize their Reconciliation experience to their convenience and also accomplish their outcomes much faster.

Common Services