Field Data Gathering

Update flow for Bulk importing Assets introduced

Customers wanted an easier way to update existing assets in the system. We have now introduced the update flow that allows customers to delete any columns that they don’t want and only update the data they do want. We use the system generated UUID to identify the asset. This UUID can be easily downloaded on the asset page and copy pasted to the upload format as needed.

Update flow available now on the Bulk Upload of Assets

Ability to move “As-required” readings across assets of same type or across dates

Production accountants wanted a way to easily move Run Tickets and Well Tests entered in the field to either a different tank or well respectively or even a different date. We have heard that request and now allow customers to move any reading marked as “As-required” on the Reading type to either a different asset of the same type or a different date or both.


PAs can now drill down and see transactions on the child tanks which contributed to the allocations

Production Accountants have needed an ability to view the transactions which contributed to volumes being allocated from Master Tanks. We listened to this requirement of theirs, and developed the capability to view the readings and their values which went into computing volumes allocated on Master Tanks. This significantly reduces the time needed to debug any allocation issues for networks which have Master Tanks.

Adhoc and Scheduled allocations update ledgers on tanks now

Production Accountants needed an ability to manually allocate oil sales with latest of the tank inventory data. We listened to their concerns and added the ledger update capability for daily adhoc/scheduled runs, which ensures the ledgers are updated for the date range for which daily allocations are run ensuring daily allocation results are generated off the most upto date inventory ledger information from the tanks. This addresses one of the main pain-points of Production Accountants and provides most upto date allocation result info for inventory based products.

Invalid/Stale Allocation results are automatically cleaned up

Production Accountants needed a capability where allocated volumes generated for wrongly configured wells, would be automatically cleared once the mistake is corrected. We listened to their needs and developed the required capability where daily allocated volume and disposition point based allocated volume are automatically cleared on a subsequent allocation run, if the wells are not part of the networks anymore for the allocation-date. This saves time and reduced the hassle of cleaning up data when such scenarios arise during configuring and running allocations.


Date Range addition “N Days ago” in Date Filter

Our users were always wanting to get ‘N Days Ago’(eg: 2 Days Ago, 3 Days Ago etc) option in date filter drop down options.
With the new enhancement, users will now be able to retrieve “N Days ago” data by selecting in the filter directly, without selecting any date range on “Custom Date” option.

'Date Config' module is available in Analytics Config section

Users can create date range from the “Date config” module

  • Create ‘Date Period’ for Period Type ‘Day’
  • Use this Day type period to create ‘Date Range’

So if user creates a Date range expression ‘2 Days Ago’ as “DATEXP( $(2daysagoperiod) ,-2,-2)” where ‘2Daysagoperiod’ is a Date period created for period type ‘Day’ , this will always give date which is 2 days before current day.

i.e on 13-June-2022, this filter will pass ’11-June-2022’ date.