Key Customer Benefits May 24, 2021

Deactivate/Activate Subscriptions on Exceptions Dashboard

Productions accountants want an easy way to disable/enable subscriptions for exceptions dashboard. We created the functionality to make subscriptions active/inactive by using a simple toggle on the subscription config. This alleviates the pain of removing all the users from the subscription config, when the production accountant wants to stop the distribution, by enabling PAs accomplish the same very easily.

Save filters/settings on Exceptions Dashboard

Productions Accountants want a quick way to see exceptions created on filtered group of networks, over a specific date-range, which needs manually selecting those filters and reloading the exceptions dashboard. We developed the capability to save current filters and settings as saved views. This helps the production accountant to simply load a saved view which filters out the exceptions of interest, visualized in a format of their convenience (saved filters and sorts on the exception grids), resulting in significant time saving for PAs.