Field Data Gathering

Support for effective dates on isActive flags on wells

Production accountants wanted a way to ensure wells can be switched from active to inactive and back to active depending on business needs over time. In response, Joyn offers production accountants a way to assign effective start and end dates to changes to automatically drive the active status for a well.

On-demand decimal attributes to the core Dual-Phase Tank Reading

With fast-changing needs, Operators want to capture more data at the tanks that help them run their business more efficiently. JOYN has added new decimal attributes (UserDecimal6 to UserDecimal15) to the Dual-Phase Tank readings which can be enabled upon customer request.

On-demand decimal attributes to the core Dual-Phase Tank Reading

Support for Event-Based downtime

Many Lease operators only enter downtime start and end data for wells and do not need to interact with the well data when it is still down on a daily basis. This means that the daily downtime configuration can sometimes not meet their data entry requirements. JOYN now supports event-based downtime on the Webapp and the mobile app. This capability is coupled with a backend downtime carry forward job and associated triggers to add or update daily downtime for Allocations and Analytics purposes. This job and the associated triggers can be enabled on demand by the Seven Lakes team.

Admin Configuration for the Downtime event


Support for deletes and updates of disposition+product results

Production accountants made us aware of some of the issues associated with changes in networks after allocation results are generated. In response to this, the Joyn Allocations engine can now delete or update results for a disposition+product combination when the daily allocation results produce no result for a well.

Unique Statement Identifier Generated

Production Accountants found a need for Joyn to automatically generate a unique identifier when none is supplied with purchaser statements. With this unique identifier, the risk of uploading a duplicate statement is removed.

Provide volume source data in network downloads

Production Accountants have asked that object-type and volume source data be included to help facilitate the modification of downloads that are then uploaded with modifications. Joyn Allocations now supports this capability by providing object type, object name, and XID as additional columns in the download.

Network downloads now include object type & volume source columns


DPR – Out of the box report

Analytics users have often mentioned the need to create a report to analyze and compare their daily production data. We have noticed their pain points in creating such reports from scratch, and in response have reduced the time and toil by providing the Daily Production Report (DPR) out-of-the-box.

‘Add Summary Row’ on a custom column of Grid

Adding a summary row to a custom column of a tabular grid is a feature that was lacking for our customers. Earlier only available for columns that are dragged into the canvas, Joyn Analytics now empowers the user to add summarized rows on a custom column like ‘Grand Total’, ‘Average’, ‘Count’, ‘Minimum’, ‘Maximum’ etc.

Carry Forward calculated measures in arithmetic calculations

Analytics users are required to use Carry forward calculated measures in simple arithmetic calculations to create other measures. This functionality is now available, and users can create simple arithmetic calculations using carry forward calculated measures.

Carry forward now available as a calculated measure

Common Services

Support for cross-reference IDs for Users

IT leads at customers requested that the Production accountant be able to manage the cross-reference identifier between the customer’s internal systems and JOYN. Responding to that need, JOYN has now enabled the XID field on users such that the Production accountant can now manage these cross-references without involving their IT teams.

XID is now a visible and editable field on the User Access page

Automated Pump by Exception

APBE now supports a set of 34 math functions for building the exception condition

Production admins expressed a need for mathematical functions to help them build exception conditions that trigger alerts. We listened to their concerns and developed a set of 34 functions that help them set up complex expression conditions in a seamless way. This saves the Admins significant time and effort in setting up alert configurations. Here are just 3 examples out of the 34 available functions:

NReadingAvg(R,N) – provides the average value of reading ‘R’ over ‘N’ available readings.

Identifying an avg. casing pressure whose past 3 readings are 10% > than the avg. of the past 8

PercentDeviationFromAvg(C,N) – returns the % deviation from current reading ‘C’ over the last N available readings.

Raise an exception on current readings > 30% of the avg. last 7 readings

NReadingStdev(V,N) – provides the standard deviation of a numeric reading value ‘V’ against the last ‘N’ available readings using ‘population variance.’

Here an alert will be triggered when the Standard Deviation of the last 3 readings is > than the last 40

Treatment NULL Values with Static Validation Values

Production Admins required the flexibility to set up a condition against static validation value to handle the NULL value scenarios. We listened to their needs and added the Validation Value toggle where the admin can use both options based on their needs. This allows the admins to handle complex scenarios for different alert configurations when data is missing.



Lease Operators want mobile apps that work the way they do. More clarity, fewer clicks, automated updates, and faster performance. Our new JOYN O&G provides our customers with the next generation of mobility does just this. Now available for both iOS and Android, Joyn O&G mobile gives time back to pumpers by providing them a priority stack-ranked view that helps them see and then respond to the important items that drive their day.

MyDay provides pumpers helps pumpers see & resolve alerts by location & priority

30 Days of Data

Lease Operators expressed to us a need to review and respond to events up to 30 days old. Our NextGen mobile app does just that, providing pumpers with the ability to easily navigate through the current week or even into the previous few weeks to view and edit reading views relevant to their work.

Pumpers can reach back into 30 days of readings