Search across multiple networks and multiple dates is now available on allocation results grids

Production Accountants wanted to view the more than one network’s monthly or daily allocation result at once. We listened to their requirement and delivered the capability within JOYN Oil & Gas Production, to select multiple networks and range of dates or months to fetch and display results for the selected filters, saving extra click for the PA. This saves the PAs quite a bit of time and effort while verifying or validating allocation results.

“Pipeline Sales” and “Trucked sales” for Oil are, inventory dependent dispositions

Production Accountants have asked us for the capability where Trucked and Pipeline Sales could also be inventory draw out dispositions similar to Oil Sales. We listened to their concerns and developed the capability to configure the dispositions, Pipeline and Trucked Sales, and allocate them using the same FIFO logic for inventory draw outs. This ensures parity between allocated sales volumes and those volumes allocated as pipeline and trucked sales.

Triggered Alert creation, updating and resolution of Alerts to show the LOs.

Production Admins wanted a capability where alerts or events could be generated for the LO as soon as the data is entered. We built the capability within JOYN Oil and Gas Production, where the Alerts can be configured easily and the outcome of any triggered evaluation of the alert for an asset results in creation, updating or resolution of an alert. This would reduce the delay between fetching readings and creating alerts and will resolve alerts as soon as the underlying readings were updated.

Increment in priority for every 24 hour delay in resolution of an Alert

Production Admins often want to increase the importance of an alert as and when there is a delay in resolving the alert. We listened to their needs and developed the capability where score of an alert is increased by configurable XX% for every 24 hours since the date-time the alert was created. This ensures that delayed alert servicing would result in appropriately made important for the subsequent days.

“Group Settings” on Grid Level for Summary and Matrix grids

Analytics users have mentioned the need for flexibility in group level aggregations for each summary grid and matrix grid. We listened to their request and JOYN Oil & Gas Production, Analytics users now can configure group level aggregations independently for each summary and matrix grids. This would address an important pain-point and allow the analytics user to view different aggregation results which are contextually relavant to the information viewed in the Grid.

Ensight – Sligo State Report (Louisiana Reg Report)

Production Accountants needed an ability to generate Sligo State report for the state of Louisiana. We listened to their concern and developed in-built Sligo report which can be downloaded from the regulatory reports section in JOYN Oil & Gas Production. This would save the PAs a lot of time and effort in not having to export the data and create these reports manually every month.