Search Improvements on the “Manage Readings” page

Production Accountants felt the need to be able to easily identify the “asset of interest” when looking at the search results for objects. We developed the capability to not only view complete names of assets, in scenarios where asset names are longer, but also prefix the names with the asset-type icon. This helps the PAs identify the asset types easily and also distinguish between assets whose names mostly differ within last few characters in the suffix.

Improved calendar usability for selecting date ranges

Production Admins have found the usage of date-range selector, while viewing allocation results, cumbersome and non-intuitive. We listened to their feedback and incorporated the required changes which does not require the user to click “Reset” to select a different date range but auto-resets when the user clicks anywhere on the calendar. This makes the user’s experience of selecting a date range as easy as it is on any air-travel booking website.

Network data downloads include master-to-child associations for tank

PAs felt a need to fetch not only the network connection details but also the master-child tank association details when downloading network data. We understood their requirements and added the additional capability of aggregating all the master-child tank association details across different network versions in the system and adding that info into a downloadable excel file. This would provide master-child tanks association details to the PA and would save them significant time and effort in doing this independently for each network.

Increased policy enforcement for login passwords

IT Admins needed a way to enforce a custom password policy for their users who use JOYNOG. We listened to their requirements and developed a capability to set a custom password policy for any customer account. This ensures any user who has access to the account is required to set up a password that satisfies the custom password policy. This enables the IT Admins set up the required password policy of their choice.

Users’ Table Performance Improvement

IT Admins often seek to change roles and access of specific users and would want to do this faster. We listened to their concern and ensured the user-grid loads faster and the Admin is provided the capability to search a specific user and change the user’s roles and access. This significantly reduces the time required the accomplish the change the IT Admin wishes to make.

Duplicate your Pump by Exception Alert Config

Production Admins have mentioned they would want to duplicate an existing alert config. We developed a capability where through 1-click the Admin is able to duplicate an existing alert config and make minimal changes to create a new alert config. This saves the Admins significant time and effort in creating new alert configs from scratch when they are creating new alert configs which are similar to existing ones.

Launch ad-hoc exception checking with the ‘Run Now’ feature

Production Admins have mentioned they would want to quickly run an alert config and check for an exception on the assets. We provided the capability for the Admins to easily do this through 1-Click, from the list of alert configs. This allowed the Admins quickly run an alert-config and detect exceptions on assets.

Capture the primary/driving attribute that drives an Alert

Production Admins wanted the field user to know which reading attribute was the cause of an exception being found on an asset. We listened to this need of theirs and developed the capability to tag any reading attribute used in defining the exception condition as a primary or driving attribute. This ensure that for every alert config, the major reason for the exception alert could be pre-selected and surfaced for the end user, the LO in the field.

Ability to change Y axis limits from Dashboard

Analytics users have often mentioned the need to be able to change the Y-Axis limits in charts when the data is too small and hard to discern. We have noticed their pain points and built the capability to change and save the axis ranges Y-Axis in NLS charts on the dashboard which allows the user to view data with low values in a zoomed-in way and draw the desired insights from them. This addresses a major pain point for the Analytics users of JOYN Oil & Gas Production in viewing and analyzing data in NLS charts.

Variance calculation on daily average calculated measures

Analytics users needed a way to create a variance measure on another measure, such as daily average measures. We listened to their requirements and developed the capability to create a measure that can calculate on another measure. This provided the Analytics users the capability to configure and use a measure that calculates variance on another measure such as the daily average production.