Add multiple objects to the canvas at once

Production Accountants would like to have the capability to like to add more than one object at once to the network canvas when they are creating allocation networks on the canvas. So, we build the capability, which lets the user select multiple objects and conveniently place them wherever they wish to on the network canvas making much easier to create allocation networks.

Reconcile Purchaser Oil statements

We’ve heard from Production Accountants that they would really like to have capability to reconcile the monthly purchaser statements for the oil sales. The reconciliation module is built to make it easy for the production accountants to reconcile purchaser statements during the monthly close process, helping speed up the overall process.

PAs can now view current and historic oil inventories on tanks from network canvas

Production Accountants often need to access inventory details of the tanks to investigate allocation issues. We built the inventory and ledger view so that production accountants can view current and historical inventories and ledgers on tanks from network canvas, making it easy for them to debug issues and fix their allocation problems.

Montana Form 06 – Production Report

Production Accountants wanted the ability to generate regulatory reports for the state of Montana. This regulatory report will now allow them to directly generate and publish regulatory reports from within JOYN O&G Production without the need to extract the relevant data and create them manually.