Canvas mode view for allocation network works for as a many as 400 connections

Production Accountants wanted to be able to see larger networks on the canvas to navigate and debug allocations. We listened to their needs and now Allocation networks with as many as 400 connections can be viewed in graphical canvas interface making it easy to see the flow of product through different nodes of the allocation network. This saves significant time in debugging allocations.

OR and G1D regulatory reports for Louisiana

Production Accountants at one our Client’s needed the ability to generate OR and G1D reports for the state of Louisiana. We listened to their concern and developed in-built OR and G1D reports which can be downloaded from the regulatory reports section in JOYN Oil & Gas Production. This would save the PAs a lot of time and effort in not having to export the data and create these reports manually every month.

Ability to change Y axis limits

Analytics users have often mentioned the need to be able to change the Y-Axis limits in charts when the data is too small and hard to discern. We have noticed their pain points and built the capability to change the axis ranges Y-Axis in NLS charts which allows the user to view data with low values in a zoomed in way and draw the desired insights from them. This addresses a major pain point for the Analytics users of JOYN Oil & Gas Production in viewing and analyzing data in NLS charts.