Boolean Attributes in reading views can be defaulted and hidden.

Production Admins wanted to ensure the Lease Operators on the field need not enter any additional details to identify run tickets as oil or water run tickets. We listened to their concerns and have developed the capability to add boolean attributes and assign default values to them in addition to keeping them hidden on the LO’s Mobile App. This accomplishes the goal of tagging the oil and water run tickets appropriately while not wasting LO’s time in providing additional details.

Lock Allocations from running when the network is closed for the month.

Production Accountants wanted to be certain that, the well level allocated volume results would remain untouched after allocations are closed for a month for the networks. We developed the capability where networks whose monthly allocations are locked cannot have allocations run for them. This locking ability enables the production accountant in ensuring the Allocation Results are not changed after the monthly close.

Locks networks from being edited, if a network is closed for the month.

Production Accountants wanted to ensure network changes are not allowed once a month is closed, as this is an important audit requirement in maintaining network and results in parity and sanctity. We enabled allocation network locking in such a way that, once the allocation for a network is closed for a month, the network version cannot be changed for the aforesaid.

Display last saved result if network’s allocation is locked by the monthly close.

Production Accountants would want to view the last allocation run results for a network on the canvas, as it was not possible to re-run allocations since the network allocations are already closed for the month. We developed a capability where, if the network was already closed for allocations, the user would be provided with a capability to view the last saved result. This allows the production accountant to view the older allocation results on the canvas without really needing to re-run allocations.

Bulk Edits of users, access, and roles, from the admin console.

IT Admins wanted a capability to edit access to multiple users at once, as this would be needed when they are adding multiple users at once and need to provide them access to the product. We developed the capability to bulk edit the users and their roles/access, which saves the IT admin a lot of time providing access to users on JOYN Oil & Gas Production. This bulk edit capability will also save time when the Admin wishes to change access to multiple users at once.

Automatic Re-rendering of graphs and grids on a single click:

Production Accountants and Operations Admins have often faced the pain of extra clicks to apply filters selected when they interact with charts and grids in Analytics. We have developed the capability for users to enable “Instant Filters” which would apply the filters as soon as the user selects any hierarchical entity. This would remove the extra clicks as well as save time for the analytics and reporting users.

Multiple Run Ticket images can be downloaded from Reports

Analytics users wish they could view and download run-ticket images even when there is more than one Run-ticket image per day. We listened to their requests and added the capability where multiple run ticket images are enumerated in the Run-Ticket report and the user can download each of those tickets. This allows the user to view all the run tickers captured on a tank on a specific date, thereby providing all the information the user needs.

Implemented Production Date

Production Accountants needed the capability to view “Production Date” instead of “Reading Date” in the dashboards and reports. We responded to this request where Production Date is “ReadingDate -1” day is also generated and is available as a measure to be used instead of “Reading Date” if and when needed. This allows the Analytics users to create and share reports with all Production-Data reported against “Production Date” which is more relevant for quite a few reports.

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