JOYN Oil & Gas Production – Product Announcement February 15, 2021

Allocation Run Scheduler

We’ve heard from Production Accountants that they needed an ability to automatically run daily and monthly allocations at a pre-determined time everyday, for daily allocations, and on a specific day of a month, for monthly allocations. So we built the Allocation Run Scheduler, which will help them automate an important daily and/or monthly task and have actionable results available for them without any manual intervention.

Bulk Upload Networks with Virtual Objects and Formula Meters

We’ve heard from our users that they would need an easy way to upload allocation networks( Gathering systems) even in cases when there are virtual objects and formula meters in the networks. For this, we built bulk-upload Networks capability where the user can upload complete networks, even when there are virtual separators and formula meters in them.

New Mexico and Colorado Regulatory Reports

We have heard from the Production Accountants that they would require the ability to generate regulatory reports for the states of New Mexico and Colorado and so we built these reports. This will allow them to directly generate and publish regulatory reports from within JOYN O&G Production without the need to extract the relevant data and create them manually.